Trawler Herry

Main supplier of the raw material

When catching with big trawlers from the open sea, it’s not possible to select specific size of the fish. You get what you get. Fish factories use mostly sprats in size 8-12 cm and baltic herring in size 12-15cm, but also smaller fish will be in the nets as bycatch and usually there isn’t any use for smaller size for the factories. So, any value wasn’t be added to the smaller size, so until now, the smaller sprat and baltic herring was utilized or exported to fish feed factories without adding much value to it. What a waste!

Fortunately, in 2017, we understood that without any salt and other additives, we can add value to the smaller fish by drying it for pets, who are really-really happy by eating this fish filled by useful fats and protein. 


Have you ever caught yourself on thought, that how long of a trip the product on retail shop shelf took before arriving there? Have you ever heard how common problem is that there are products in shops with misleading information? Incorrect country of origin, false information about expiricy date or ingredients. You don’t have to worry about these things with Island of Pets products, because we control the full supply chain – from catching till packaging. If needed, we can trace the product back to the trawler with what and when the raw material was caught. 

Fresh sprat

sprattus sprattus balticus